Who We Are?

Our Stories make us Human!

Our Philosophy

We craft personalized strategies and stories that bring the Human Experience to Life. These stories work to humanize, and, connect our clients’ to their audiences

Our Core Competency
Is Inspiring Audiences.

We work across various mediums and platforms, customizing the content for each platform, in order to reach the audiences needed to achieve  your business objectives.

We start with your brand identity, which is the first story your audience experiences.

“Our Target is to get the right messages
the right people, at the right time”

How We


Our Solution


Its Speaks To Your Audience

Its Storytelling Using Content and Digital Media


ITS bloggers

Its influencers

its event management

its motion graphics

its infographics

ITS creative!

ITS Social Media Management

Its videos and animation

its news

its press engagement

ITS stands out!

ITS Stakeholder mapping and alignment

Its crisis management and engagement

its thought leadership

ITS strategic thinking!

Where We Play?

From a Collaborating with dog trainers to brand strategist; neuro scientist to artist. we work with anyone who will give us a unique perspective on the challenge.

From there, we get creative combining our core areas of expertise in physical, digital, and strategic communication. This helps to deliver truly holistic human experiences for the senses.

Our reach is global but our knowledge and network are strongly local. This empowers us to take on clients of all sizes and across all industries. Brands come alive when a human touch comes with them.

"We cover the entire African region and the Middle East."

Highlight of Services We Offer

Brand Strategy

Media Communications

Crisis Management

Digital Marketing

Special Campaigns: Beauty & Fashion

Press Release

Some of Our Clients