Building Effective Digital Communications Touchpoints

What happens to your business if social media is no longer in existence today? How will your customers reach you if all your social media platforms are brought down accidentally?

Before, you say this is not possible or God forbid, let us remember the current twitter ban in the country and the latest shutdown of some Instagram business pages by the platform. This is a reminder that even if social media is a welcome and easy channel of communication for brands to reach their audience, it is still a third-party platform and is not the most reliable means of keeping in touch with customers because of the lack of control businesses have over the platforms.

Today, the options for brands in getting messages out and keeping in touch with their customers and the public are much broader and easier than they were a few decades ago. Creating different touchpoints online and offline is important when putting together a marketing communication strategy for businesses, and brands must be mindful about how to put forward these touchpoints for their customers in the right way.

Digital Communications touchpoints are those online and mobile interactions where consumers engage with a business. From the time the consumers first learn about your brand until they decide to buy, adopt, or use your product, to the moment you follow up – every interaction they have with your brand is known as a touchpoint.

As every business is different, so also digital communications touchpoints can differ. However, the most important and reliable digital touchpoints for businesses to have include:

A Functional and Highly Responsive Website: This is a must-have tool for any business, be it an ecommerce or a service-based business. Your website serves as a dedicated platform to educate your potential customers about your brand, products, and services. Whatever the size of the company, a website gives your business a trustworthy online presence to communicate to prospects. In fact, data from shows that 69% of the world population have purchased an item online, so having a functional and responsive website is the first digital touchpoint for your business. The website must also be up to date and carry all necessary information about the business for effectiveness.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes hand in hand with a website. When people need information about anything, they go online to search, so using the right key words related to your industry on your website can help increase your chances of being seen. Google data shows that over 75,000 Google searches are done in every second. What does this mean? This means the opportunities for businesses are huge as people are constantly searching Google for information. Investing in SEO for your website is a way to get seen easily by prospects.


Blogs: Blogs are another great way to keep in touch with your audience. They are ways to make an announcement or keep the public excited and informed about the company’s news. They also help establish and position you as leaders in your field as you push out content that educates your audience regularly. Blogs can be an add-on to a company’s owned website or used on third-party platforms.

Emails: Emails are the most personal way to communicate with customers as they are sent straight to a users’ inbox, allowing you to deliver branded content with a personal touch to your customers. Emails can also be used as a marketing tool targeted at prospects based on their interaction with your sales funnel which makes them ideal for driving conversions and, ultimately, growth and success for your business. Emails are great tools for establishing relationships and building trust with customers.

Investing in digital touchpoints will not only communicate the brand and its unique story but also increase customers’ loyalty as these touchpoints become trust points overtime.

Does this sound like too much work and will you need help with building the most effective digital communication touchpoints for your brand? Let Stephanie John handle all the nitty-gritty for you.


by Ayoni Jimoh

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