Events Planning: 5cs You Should Consider – by Elmah Agim

Hosting an event is subtle yet engaging and innovative.

Rather than constantly trying to connect with your audience through social media campaigns and content, you can actually align your brand with a positive and interactive experience that will keep the referrals coming!

This happens when the right concept is in place.

Getting the planning process right cannot be overemphasized. It is important that you know exactly what outcomes you want from your event and set your goals out clearly.

This is where the widely recognized Event 5-Cs comes to play.

In achieving a memorable event you must consider the following:

1. Concept

• What the event is about.

• When the event is scheduled to hold.

• Your potential attendees.

Your event could be well on its way to being an industry lead when concept is carefully considered.

2. Coordination

• Deliberating on Budget

• Deciding the Topic/ Theme

• Deciding if it is a Virtual/Physical/Hybrid event

• Deciding the Speakers, Panelists etc.

The need to work with a budget gives a direction on what is to be considered from vendors, venue, virtual setups, panelist’s selection, refreshment, digital and traditional media and general logistics.

By selecting hot, buzz-worthy topics in your field, with top, influential speakers you will instantly attract your target audience to attend your event and potentially reach and entice a fresh group of people who may not have heard of your company before.

Do not be afraid to bring in speakers from outside your business because aligning your brand  with reputable and established experts help your audience associate you with other viable industries.

Speakers that are industry influencers can attract large audience numbers to your event that you can convert into your community and customers.

Panel-style leadership events are especially helpful for creating engaging and insightful discussions not only between speakers but also the audience interaction. You want your event to encourage and provide learning, discussion and networking opportunities that showcase that you are the expert in your field.

Attendees will expect to gain genuine insight that they can pass and apply once they have left the event.

Remember, the main goal will be to establish your brand as a go-to industry resource for knowledge and expertise and you cannot do that without the right topics and speakers

3. Control

• Sticking to the plan

• Setting plans in motion

Having a plan to stick to gives a clear sense of direction.

To achieve this, a working timeline is highly recommended where tasks are detailed and how to accomplish them within the given duration are adequately captured.

4. Culmination

• The event day Monitoring

• The event day coordination and flow.

• The event day general checklist

Make sure to tick all the boxes on the check list. Do not miss out any details, every little task matters

All vendors and service provider should be managed for the best results.

Ensure your event is punctuated with Q&A, networking and meet and greet opportunities-because the more your guests/audiences feel involved the more they will look back at you for further engagement.

Introduce social media hashtags and competitions at your event to get trending and expand your audience further.

The more you can get your attendees to share, endorse and show off your brand and event on social media the better, this will further expand your reach and drive brand awareness within the virtual community.

Also, do not forget to thank your audience. Reach out to them online and offline to appreciate their participation.

Recognize your team as well, Event success is a function of the hard work and collaboration of everyone on your team especially those behind the scenes.

5. Closeout

• Go home

• Get to follow up on event post reports and tractions

Although your event may be for a day or two, the impact of your event will stay around for longer. Through video recordings, pictures and reviews, you have re-usable content for your website and social media to further boost your campaign.

Post event can be just as important as the event so it is vital to continue to share results and newly discovered content from the event.

The next time you are planning an event-be it cooperate or lifestyle do not hesitate to consider these 5Cs.

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