When a child is born, a name is given, people address the child by that name but guess what, the name is just a name without qualities, characteristics, a purpose that uniquely defines that child. As time goes on new qualities and values will be imbibed to fit into the individual’s goals and purpose.

The idea of personal branding is unusual to most people, but in this digital era, where the internet never forgets, the importance of personal branding cannot be overemphasized.

Personal branding is the consistent and strategic approach in telling your story, showing your beliefs, communicating your goals using unique tools that describe your persona. It is a beautiful thing when you have successfully positioned yourself the way you want to be perceived and you are known by your values and the things that make you tick.

Just like organizations constantly create a corporate strategy and put in mission, vision statements and core values as guiding principles to achieving set out goals, so it is important for every individual to craft out goals and the values that will lead them there.

Everything we do, how we communicate on social media, the contents we put out, the way we dress, our confidence, our beliefs all speak a strong language about who we are. It’s imperative that we develop and maintain a reputation we are proud of or better still worthy of emulation.

Personal branding allows you to self – manage your life, tell your own story with a language that suits you, identify people that speak a similar language and connect with those that share the same beliefs.

Career-wise, personal branding is key to many doors of success, how you strategically position yourself helps you achieve the following and much more.

Trust level goes up – People tend to trust you more, why? Because they see that you stand for something, you have a foundation, you are not easily quivered. For those that speak your language, you gain their trust for those that don’t they see you as someone that can be trusted.

  • You are differentiated from the competition – This is very true because you have been able to strongly communicate your unique personalities and people can see you for who you are, your light shines bright and you stand out amongst the crowd.
  • You are always 100% authentic – You know who you are, no- one can tell you otherwise, you have been able to master the art of being true to thyself.
  • You are the “go-to” person in your area of expertise for your specific audience – As earlier mentioned, trust level goes up, you have an audience that trust you, that will listen to you that can rely on you, it just makes it easier for people to connect with you.
  • You attract ideal opportunities – Because you know who you are and are perceived as that, the right opportunities that fit your persona and skills will be laid towards you, your next employer can see that you are the right person for that job, your boss can tell you can handle that project and the list goes on.

Even the bible says a good name is better than silver or gold. How are you selling yourself? How do you think people perceive you? Are your reputation and your personality at crossbows? Do you have set goals; how do you plan to achieve them and what values do you need to help you get there.

You should create time to develop your personal brand. Don’t wait for any more second.

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