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Virtual Launch and Digital Brand Unveiling of Access Bank Kenya PLC: Access Bank recently launched its newest African subsidiary in the republic of Kenya, East Africa.

As Access Bank’s preferred Strategic Communications Agency, our brief was clear: Handle all communications prior to the formal unveiling and leading up to the launch day proper— 

To do this, we had to;

  1. Craft messages that resonated with the different stakeholders in both Nigeria and Kenya.
  2. Manage and coordinate all communications around and prior to the launch.
  3. Anticipate and prepare responses to any potential issues or crises that could arise from the Launch process.
  4. Ensure that Access Bank’s key messages reached the target audience and its positioning as the World’s Most Respected African Bank is strengthened.

We went to the drawing board like we always do because for us at Stephanie John, our priority is always to ‘Deliver the Human Experience’ while executing our client’s brief excellently. This means that the connection between our client’s work and its customers & stakeholders wellbeing must always be seen.

The Access Bank Launch was a virtual Launch event and for this, we crafted tailored-made solutions which we deployed using a range of tactics that were strategically conceived. Our client, Access Bank, enjoyed a smooth and seamless communications process throughout the period it took to prepare for and execute the Launch.

We also maintained a bird’s eye view of the Launch Day process and kept potential crises situations at bay by ensuring that our team was physically present in the city and at the Access Bank Kenya Launch Digital Studio to ensure that all T’s were crossed, and all I’s were dotted.

The Result of all these? The Access Bank Group PLC had a glorious outing at its first-ever Virtual Formal Launch of an External Subsidiary which had to be done digitally in compliance with Covid-19 protocols for health & safety.

Access Bank Kenya PLC has officially taken-off. Our client is happy, we are happy, and it is only the beginning of our involvement in similar projects across the continent. 

Would you have us execute your communications project as well? Then fill our contact form and we will be in touch with you.

Thank you!

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