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Services Overview

Brand Strategy

1. Brand & Perception Audit

2. Communication Planning

3. Product / Business Strategy

Media Communications

1. Media Relations & Management

2. Media Perception Audit

3. Media-Brand Endearment

Special Campaigns

1. Fashion

2. VIP Event Management

3. Art & Entertainment

Crisis Management

1. Crisis Mitigation and Reputation Management

2. Crisis Communication

3. Media Monitoring and Social Media

4. Listening, Analytics & Reporting

Digital Marketing

1. Social Media

2. Media & Influencer Marketing

3. Content Development &

4. Website Development

5. Concept Development

6. (Graphic / Visual Design)

Some of Our Core Services

Financial Communication

We focus on Financial Communication to bridge the communication gap for organization playing in the financial space. We help build and manage stakeholder relationships.

Our Core Offerings include:


Investor Relations and Stakeholder


Deal and Non-Deal Communication


Merger and Acquisition Communication


Divestment Communication


Bond Listing Communication


Financial Sustainability


Product Communication

Corporate Communication

As a result of media convergence, new technology, and analytics, the corporate communications model changes almost yearly. We work with our clients in developing,  deploying and managing relevant and up-to-date internal and external communications to stakeholders.

“Our communications process strengthens your key messages, while our stakeholder  mapping process ensures your messages are being delivered to the right audiences.”

Focused Strategic Communication

We offer highly effective strategic communication services that is tailored to your business and industry. We help to forge and maintain connections, allowing your business to meet its goals.

Our strategic communications offerings  include:

  • Consumer Communications
  • Thought Leadership
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Management


We establish and sustain powerful media relationships between your brand and the most appropriate media channels and personnel, and have established a dynamic and effective process for managing media relations for massive media coverage.

“We provide extensive and efficient media  relations from local, regional, national and  international media.”

Influencer Marketing

We are experts in the intricate system of identifying, engaging and driving the people who create high-impact conversations with customers about brands, products or services.

We have an extensive database of influencers across Africa, and have worked on ground breaking influencer marketing campaigns across the continent.

“Our platform, Influencer Market Africa, is home to one of Africa’s biggest influencer networks.”

Digital Communication

We are a digital PR pioneers and experts across Africa. As omnichannel specialists, we run strategic campaigns across leading news sites, blogs, social media, inbound marketing and more. “Stephanie John is on the pulse of everything digital”

Social Media Management

Our social media management works to strengthen reach through customized content strategies, community management, influencer relationship building and in-house generation of viral content.

We have an extensive measurement and analytical package to track performance in order to deliver noticeable results.

Brand Diagnostics

We conduct comprehensive and in-depth assessment of the health of your brand. Our diagnostics covers the most critical dimensions of your  brand and gives you valuable insights to help redefine and develop your brand strategy.

“We literally go above and beyond to improve your brand image and perception.”

SJ Academy

The Stephanie John Academy provides private training for aspiring Public Relations (PR) practitioners  and refresher courses for practicing PR managers.

Current courses include:


PR for entertainment


PR for sports


Financial PR


Corporate Communication

Special Campaign: Beauty & Fashion

Beauty and fashion present chances to partner key platforms and personalities in order to stand out and push your message to your target audiences.

We have experience in the saturated fashion and beauty space, it is imperative to stand out with your brand messaging and products to reach the right Target Market.

“At Stephanie John, we have experience  in building luxury and street brands in unique, effective ways.”

Special Events and Experiences

We see events as an opportune way for consumers to experiences your brand or  business. We are experts at creating and managing outstanding events.

Launches, press conferences, and experiences. Our event experience spans from product launches, and press conferences to experiential events, concerts and award shows.

“We specialize in leveraging events beyond those in attendance through live streams and  international television platforms.”

Media Training

Media Training helps people understand journalism and interviews in order to ensure  their messages are properly delivered at all media engagements.

Our training help executives develop their public speaking skills and gain the tools to be effective in interviews with reporters on TV, radio or news stations.