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Our Approach

At SJ, we believe that the website of a Business is its first point of contact for people looking for more information on that brand. Therefore, a brand’s website must reflect the organization’s outlook and serve as one of the major touchpoints that communicates the value proposition of the Organization.  We start our website development process by:

Dimensioning the Client:

We will review the corporate brand identity that has been developed to ascertain if it aligns with the organization's objectives. We will look at where it is presently, where it wants to be, how it is perceived by its stakeholders, and how it wants to be perceived by its stakeholders.

Understanding the Target Audience:

We look at the target audience visiting the website and ensure the look and feel of the site and the tone of voice is appealing to the target market.

Positioning the Company

We will use this information to define the website content and ensure it synergizes with the company's value proposition and reflects the brand essence.

Our Portfolio

My Girlfriends Closet
The Business My Girlfriend’s Closet is a lifestyle retail and consignment store that deals in the sales of luxury fashion items. Agency Task To develop a website that would project the items on sales in an understated and elegant manner and allow online purchase. Our Approach Our inspiration for this website came for the driver of the brand. We visualized her personality as an elegant, well dressed lady and translated this image into conceptualizing and creating the website.
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Citihomes Finance Company Ltd
The Company Citihomes Finance Company Limited is a company that is licensed by the CBN to carry out Finance Company business. Citihomes was setup with its initial business focus being a primary servicer for funding conduits. Agency Task To develop a website in line with the organizations functions and would have links that redirected to their standalone financial products. Our Approach We underwent a session with the company management to understand the company, its products and its business and developed a website that adequately communicated its business.
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Virtutis Solaris
The Company Virtutis Solaris is a renewable energy company that was setup to solve the problem of unreliable power supply in Nigeria and on the continent by providing clean sustainable energy storage equipment to end-users (residential, utility and industrial). Agency Task To develop a website that would allow seamless interaction between the customer and the company, provide information about the products and ensure purchase of products from the website. Our Approach We underwent a product review to understand the functionalities and processes and used this information to develop the website and guide the consumer experience users would experience using the website.
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Zina’s Space
The Company Zina’s Space is a personal branding website built for a young individual to showcase her interest, passion and social impact on her community. Agency Task To develop a website that would position her as an opinion molder in her areas of interest and a passionate individual committed to making her mark in the world around her. Our Approach We had a session with the individual to understand her interests, hobbies, and areas of interest and used that to develop her website.
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Sofri – Sofri
The Company Sofri Sofri is a financial loan product developed by the Cithomes Finance Company. It is a product that aims to ease the financial burden of everyday living by making rental payments upfront for individuals and allowing them to pay back  on a monthly basis. Agency Task To develop a website and communication assets that would allow seamless interaction between the customer and the company and ensure easy access to loan applications and information via these channels (website and social media handles). Our Approach We underwent a brand strategy workshop with the company management and developed a brand identity and brand persona that would resonate with the identified target audience the product was intended to serve.
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DLM Capital Group
The Company DLM Capital Group is a Developmental Investment Bank that provides innovative solutions to economic and social developmental problems that impact everyday lives of people. It concentrates on creating markets, products and long-term financing solutions to key sectors of the Nigerian economy. Agency Task Our brief was to review the Dunn Loren Merrifield (DLM) group to understand its value proposition and impact and define a cohesive brand positioning for DLM and its subsidiaries. Our Approach Our approach was to dimension the client, identify the brand gaps, review what its competitors were doing and develop a comprehensive brand strategy that covered all aspects of the brand and all its communication assets (website and social media) including the way it communicated its brand to its stakeholders.
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Africa Energy Investment Corporation
The Organization AEICORP is a Developmental Financial Institution that was created to help channel resources towards the development of Africa’s energy sector, with oil and gas, alternative energy, mining and power as key target sectors. Agency Task To develop a website for the Corporation to the standards of International Finance Institutions that would accurately portray the goals and objectives of the company. Our Approach We undertook a brand review session to have a clear understanding of the brand’s goals and how it wanted to be perceived. Based on this, we were able to create a website that was in alignment with the objectives of the organization whilst also ensuring that the French speaking African Audience were also catered for by providing French translation on the website.
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Office of Public-Private-Partnerships (OPPP)
The Organization The Office of Private-Public- Partnerships is an agency set up by Lagos State to boost investor-confidence in the availability, suitability and security of the investment opportunities in Lagos, increase the efficiency of the government's investment and allow government funds to be redirected to other important socio-economic areas. Agency Task Our mandate was to increase awareness for the Agency, drive thought leadership and strategic communications for the Management and Agency in order to win stakeholder trust and develop and maintain its communication assets (social media handles and website). Our Approach We developed a strategic communications plan built on the objectives the Agency wanted to achieve and retooled the website to incorporate a contemporary look and feel, links to its social media handles and ensured it was Search Engine Optimized (SEO).
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MOJEC International Ltd
The Company MOJEC Group of Companies is an international holdings company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with operations in Power, Energy, Technology, Real Estate as well as Mining. Its subsidiary company, MOJEC International or MOJEC Meter Company is the largest meter manufacturer in Nigeria. Agency Task To develop a website and communication assets that would adequately project the company as an international brand with expertise in its area of operations. Our Approach We reviewed the current website and identified the gaps that needed to be closed. The website was developed in alignment with the company’s corporate objectives in mind.
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LATC Cleveson
The Company LAT Cleveson is an investment firm with its focus on Africa. It has a diverse portfolio with investments in the Marine, oil and gas, Agriculture and Fashion industry. Agency Task Develop a brand strategy for the Group that would reflect a clear corporate identity that would run through the Group and its subsidiaries. This covered all brand assets (Logo, website and communications plan). Our Approach We organized a Brand strategy session with the Management and staff to define the Mission, Vision and core Values of the company and used this to develop a brand identity for the company and a communications plan on how the brand would be communicated.
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