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Shapers & Storytellers

Stephanie John and Associates is a strategic communications agency,
creating personalized stories that brings the human experience to life.

The Human Experience

At Stephanie John, we tell stories that connect with the humanness of the world. Stories allow others to step into our world, and stories provide the context through which human beings make their decisions.

Our beliefs connect directly to our delivery. We create experiences which harness  human emotions, to influence consumer behaviors to impact our clients’ businesses.

Our Stories make us Human!

Our Philosophy

We craft personalized Strategies and Stories that bring the Human Experience to Life.These stories work to humanize, and, connect our clients’ to their audiences

This is us

This business was started with you in mind. Everything we do is to help our clients’ build and maintain genuine consumer bonds. Stephanie John is not your average agency. We are driven by the human experience, a philosophy which pushes us to create Strategies and Stories that work to close the gap between you and your audiences. Facts and Figures and all rational things that we think are important actually don’t“stick” in our minds at all – But great Stories create “Sticky” memories by attaching emotion to things that happen. It is this Age Old Tradition that lies at the heart of our ability to motivate, sell,  inspire, convince, influence, engage, dissuade and lead your Audiences to You.

Welcome to a New Human Experience!

How We


“Our Target is to get the right messages
the right people, at the right time”

Our Core Competency
Is Inspiring Audiences.

We work across various mediums and platforms, customizing the content for each platform, in order to reach the audiences needed to achieve  your business objectives.

We start with your brand  identity, which is the first story  your audience experiences.



fun sky dive

It’s impactful It’s speaks to your audience It’s storytelling using content and digital media

It’s fun!


africa creativity

It’s social media engagement. It’s videos and animation It’s news and press engagement

It stands out!


strategic communication

It’s bloggers. It’s influencers. It’s event management. It’s motion graphics. It’s infographics

It’s creative!


It’s stakeholder mapping and alignment. It’s crisis management and engagement. It’s thought leadership

It’s strategic thinking!


We are a unique PR agency!

What sets us apart

  • Our Creativity
  • Deep Understanding of the Customer Journey + Experience
  • Our Team of Experts With Diverse Backgrounds
  • Our Dynamic Approach to Solving Problems
  • Our Specialization In Financial Communication



Market, your  customers and your competitors

Your goals,  brand and your  difference

A Strategy that connects your brand with people and creative work that’s remembered.

How we can better  and how we can do better

Where we play?

Collaborating with dog trainers to brand strategist; neuro scientist to artist. we work with anyone who will give us a unique perspective on the challenge.

From there we get creative, combining our core areas of expertise in physical, digital and strategic communication. to deliver truly holistic human experiences for the senses. Our reach is global but our  knowledge and network is strongly local. This empowers us to take on clients of all sizes and across all industries. Brands come alive when a human touch comes with it.



Our Services

Corporate Communication

Media Relations

Financial Communication

Focused Strategic Communication

Digital Communication

Influencer Marketing

Social Media

Brand Diagnostics

Special Campaigns: Beauty & Fashion

Our Clients

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A strategic and innovative thinker, Uche Ajene Ayere brings with her a unique blend of over 20  years of domestic and international experience in the fields of financial accounting, auditing,  compliance, strategic planning and management, business development, sales, marketing and communications.

Our Founder

This diverse background equips her with the  knowledge and tools needed to uniquely partner with clients. She provides both  consultancy and advisory work developing strategic communication plans that delivers a  brand story. This results in increased visibility, greater market share and enhanced competitive advantage for clients.


Uche has worked with brands such as PMI,  Unilever, Guinness, Coca Cola, Polaris Bank.  FCMB, Access Bank, British Airways, Dell, Nokia, CNN, Ericsson to name a few. She  understands what makes a Brand tick. She believes in Brands as Humans and so consistently delivers value to her clients by  connecting the humanness of the brand to the consumer.

Our Team

Working at SJ is a partnership.

We have built a team of knowledgeable client facing staff who work to ensure excellent service delivery, and supply feedback to the full team. Our back end team performs content, technical, digital and monitoring, analysis and insight services. This team is made of young tech-savvy go-getters who are plugged in all day, every day, in order to understand the awareness level and key  drivers around conversations about your brand our business.


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